A/B Testing and Experimentation

If You Don’t Test.
You Can’t Measure.

A/B Testing and Experimentation WILL generate you more sales without any extra Ad spend. Period.

about A/B Testing and Experimentation

Testing will allow you to be 100% certain, so you will know what your customers respond to.

  • Create 2 versions:
    A – your current version.
    B – a different variation.
  • Our scientific tools ensure 50% of visitors to your site (traffic) see version A, and 50% see version B.
  • Our software will measure to near 100% mathematical certainty, which version is better.



How the A/B testing and Experimentation works

Conversion Uplift significantly increased our online orders by A/B testing our catering site.

Boris Jacquin
Digital Marketing Manager

Why Choose

A/B Testing and Experimentation


We continue to monitor test statistics to provide feedback on what works, and what doesn’t, and guide any future conversion testing decisions.

However, our goal is to maximise conversions, ensuring that any winning test variations are “statistically significant confidence interval” – meaning highly likely to continue to outperform other variations, and continue to deliver a strong improvement to your website conversions.

At this point, we cease testing that particular element – and work with you to ensure this change is made permanent on your website.

Want to know why you should use us rather than another company?

Our Proprietary Conversion Uplift MethodologyTM

After researching hundreds of top performing websites and distilling what they all had in common that made them  great, Conversion Uplift have developed a principle-based approach to conversion rate optimisation that allows them to consistently generate remarkable conversion uplifts for clients.

This proven process and principle-based approach allows us to assist clients:

  • Achieve the maximum conversion rate uplift
  • Within the shortest period of time
  • All whilst safeguarding their brand image.


customer results

customer results #1


Our new sales were virtually non-existant. Conversion Uplift came in and developed lead generating landing pages; as well as onsite and online sales training. In less than 4 months, our leads are up by 392%, and sales up by 473%. Wow!

Mette Skøde Damsgaard, Senior Marketing Manager, Crown Content



customer results #2


Conversion Uplift was able to almost double our online sales within 12 months! increased traffic to our website and provided exceptional support and backup any time and day when needed. The experience they have, has been a valuable contribution in our online presence

Gerry Reyes, National Sales and Marketing Manager

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