How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

A Quick Start Guide

To many website owners, shopping cart abandonment and low conversion rates seem to be a bitter fact of doing business online.

It doesn’t have to be this way. From our experience, the issue of, how to improve your conversion rate is, the average lead generation-based site and E-Commerce site can  typically immediately increase conversion  rate by as much as 25% just by applying  Conversion Rate Optimisation ‘quick wins’.


Conversion optimisation gives you the economic engine you need to drive more traffic and make more profit from every visitor!

So what exactly is

Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the art and science of turning more of your website visitors into customers. If you’re an E-Com- merce business, it’s about turning more of your visitors into cus- tomers and reducing checkout abandonment. If you’re a lead generation based website, it’s about turning more of your website visitors into legitimate enquiries (having them “opt in”).

To do Conversion Rate Optimisation at a very basic level is fairly straight forward – it requires some technical knowledge and some basic marketing knowledge, and you can be A/B Testing within days.
To do Conversion Rate Optimisation at an advanced level (and hence produce a greater Conversion Uplift) is much more diffi- cult.

Most companies have it the
wrong way around!


According to a report by Adobe: “marketers spend $92 to acquire traffic and $1 to optimise  it.” That’s a ratio of 92:1 on traffic versus conversion rate optimisation.

In other words, it’s not rare for a company to send tens, hundreds of thousands of Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation and other forms of online advertising … and only very  small amount on turning that advertising traffic into actual revenue and profit.

What percentage of your marketing budget is allocated to optimisation activities (including agency fees, professional services and technology)?



The science on conversions and buying ads is getting very very  interesting. People are really getting to a place where they really understand how to buy users and what their cost is and what their  value is. This is extremely important

Gary Vaynerchuk,

founder Wine Library/Daily Grape & Autho

The Two Ways To Do
Conversion Rate Optimisation


Do It Yourself

You can typically expect to see a 1 – 15% conversion up-lift per A/B test if you have minimal past A/B testing experience.


Outsourcing Your Conversion Optimisation

Expert A/B testers have experience in knowing what to do test – and that’s the most important thing. To do Conversion Rate Optimisation at an advanced level – you need to have excellent copywriting skills, design skills, marketing knowledge, be able to read and interpret analytics data and insights and know about all the latest trends and some of the potential pitfalls. For Expert A/B testers and Conversion Agencies, it’s not untypical to see conversion up-lifts as high as 200%, 300% and sometimes even more over the first few A/B test

Doing ‘CRO‘ Right Can Be Hard!


When trying to implement Conversion Rate Optimisation, the vast majority of companies have said they felt
they didn’t have enough resources, budget and/or didn’t know what to test or how to test.

What are your primary challenges when it comes to testing?



What can I do to get some quick wins
before bringing in the experts?

1Setup an A/B testing tool on your site.

Check out tools such as Visual Website Optimiser which are straight forward and easy to use even if you don’t have technical skills. Familiarize yourself with the power of Conversion Rate Optimisation and see what you can achieve.


2Make changes to see what works best

Test different headlines, call-to-action buttons, design changes, layout changes, usability  changes and images for some quick wins in your A/B testing.


3Too hard for you?

If you’re struggling, call in the experts for additional help.

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How To Improve Your Conversion Rate